StrongSling™ Tarps for Construction & Industry

StrongSling Tarps for Construction & Industry


  • The use of a lifting tarp includes many different risks, for example: debris spillage, overloading of tarp, tarp rupture, tarp failure, electrocution, fall from height.
  • An incorrect use of the tarp can result in serious injury or death.
  • Follow all of the instructions and guidance provided by Superchute.  See adjacent Safety Notice.  Call for technical assistance at any time: 1-800-363-2488.


  • Loose debris can inadvertently shift and spill from a hoisted tarp at anytime without notice, whether the tarp is full or empty.
  • Falling debris can seriously injure or kill any persons below the tarp.
  • Do NOT stand beneath a loaded or empty tarp.  Keep away from the tarp at all times.  See adjacent Safety Notice.


  • Refer to any related Superchute documents.
  • Be aware that debris spillage poses a serious risk of injury.
  • Be aware that debris can fall from the overhead tarp without notice.

StrongSling Tarps & Netting Brochure

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